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Siemens Inverter

Siemens Inverter
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Siemens Inverter
1. Micromaster 410,420,430,440,G110,120 series
2. Pure sine wave inverter;
3. PIDcontrol;
4. Open-loop

Our company has a good price for Simatic Siemens Inverter for MicroMaster 410,420,430,440 G110,120 Series.

1. MicroMaster420:
MICROMASTER 420 - the universal inverter for 3-phase networks and optional field-bus connection. Thanks to its modular design, the extensive standard functions can be supplemented with a wide variety of options. And you do not even need tools, as the operator panels and the communications modules can be simply plugged in. Screw less control terminals - as with the rest of the family - make terminal connection childs play.

2. MicroMaster430:
Every task performed by a drive system involves its own specific requirements. There is therefore a demand for inverter solutions that can be easily and flexibly adapted to cope with the broadest variety of challenges. It is exactly this flexibility which characterizes our modular MICROMAS- TER 430. Specially for use with pumps and fans in industry, it performs a wide variety of tasks in similar applications as well. Compared to the MICROMASTER 420, it features greater power efficiency and has more inputs and outputs as well as an optimized operator panel with switch- over between manual and automatic modes of operation.

3. MicroMaster440:
The MICRO- MASTER 440 has been specially designed for those applications which require broader functionality and a greater dynamic response than is usually the case. The sophisticated vector control system ensures a uniformly high drive quality, even when sudden load changes occur. Fast response inputs and positioning deceleration ramps allow movement to target positions even without an encoder. Due to an integrated brake chopper, it works with outstanding precision, even during braking and short declaration ramps. All this is possible within a power range starting at 0.12 kW (0.16 HP) and going up to 250 kW (350 HP).

MM420/2 series, 220V,1/3 phases ,0-650HZ, 
Type Order No.power KWcurrent:Asize:(WXHXD) mm
MM420/3 series, 380V-500v ,0-650HZ,  
MM420-150/36SE6420-2UD21-5AA1 1.5473X173X149
MM420-220/36SE6420-2UD22-2BA1 2.25.9149X202X172
MM420-300/36SE6420-2UD23-0BA1 37.7149X202X172
MM420-550/36SE6420-2UD25-5CA1 5.513.2185X245X195
MM420-750/36SE6420-2UD27-5CA1 7.518.4185X245X195
MM440/2 vector ,220VAC,1/3 phases ,0-650HZ, 
Type Order No.power KWcurrent:Asize:(WXHXD) mm
MM440/3 vector ,380-500VAC,0-650HZ  


MICROMASTER 440 Technical Data

Voltage and power ranges200-240 V, ± 10%, 1 AC, 0.12 to 3 kW (0.16 to 4 HP)
200-240 V, ± 10%, 0.12 to 45 kW (0.16 to 60 HP)
380-480 V, ± 10%, 0.37 to 250 kW (0.5 to 350 HP)
500-600 V, ± 10%, 0.75 to 90 kW (1.0 to 125 HP)
Operating temperature0.12 to 75 kW (0.16 to 1.0 HP) (CT): -10 °C to +50 °C
90 to 200 kW (125 to 276 HP) (CT): 0 °C to +40 °C
Process controlInternal PID controller (autotuning)
Types of controlVector control, FCC (Flux Current Control), multipoint characteristic (parameterizable V/f characteristic), V/f characteristic
Inputs6 digital inputs, 2 analog inputs, 1 PTC/KTY input
Outputs2 analog outputs, 3 relay outputs
Link-up to automationThe ideal partner for your automation needs, from connection to SIMATIC S7-200 to integration in TIA with SIMATIC and SIMOTION.

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